Why the Dungeon Masters will turn into sadists?

I just finished level Caves of Entrails #8 and I’m wondering – why the Dengeon Masters will turn after while into sadists?

You don’t know what I mean?

Well you will find out once you will come to this level.

Many people will hate that, but you know … I feel good.

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Ability to upgrade items to chracter’s level

Hi everyone,

The latest version of LostHero have a very cool new feature now: you can quickly upgrade/downgrade items to the level of your character.

The upgrade will cost you gold and resources multiplied by the number of levels you want to upgrade by, and the cost is capped by 5 levels. So if you upgrade from level 90 to 105 it will cost you only 50 gold and 5x each of the resources require to upgrade 1 level.

Downgrade will cost you just gold, 10 per each level, and again to a maximum of 50.

Here is a screenshot from the upgrade/downgrade page in the game:

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200 maps!

Today I just created 200th map at the LostHero game!

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New levels – Gloving Caves

I has just added new levels – Gloving Caves (#1-8).

You can expect rats and bats.

Player level 99-104

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Today we have 2 bug fixes:

1) When you kicked out the Mercenary then you lost equipment of the second merc – FIXED

2) The prices after level 100 start to raise with each level like crazy – FIXED

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LostHero Pages at Google+

We are just opening the LostHero Pages at GooglePlus.

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Officially released – raise amount of your energy restored every hour.

Today we have officially added the ability to increase the amount of energy that will get restored every hour. You can do that under the diamond tab:  http://www.losthero.com/beta/index.php?page=diamonds#ui-tabs-4

With this option you can progress through the game faster as your energy will refill by up to 150 per hour instead of the original 100 (plus any additional item bonuses you may have).

Also the price of additional backpack slots was lowered – from 30 Diamonds to 25 Diamonds!

Enjoy the game!

Your LostHero Team




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Quests – in beta

I just added the quests interface to the beta version.

You can test it at : http://www.losthero.com/beta/index.php?page=episode#ui-tabs-2.

But as a first step you will probably not see any quest. Now I need to add the quests coding into the levels. I’m almost sure that this will be completed today.

The issue is that the quests will appear only when you start them – so you will not see all your actual quest. But I’ll try to figure out something for you. Especially the complicated quests.


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Survey result

Thanks everyone who filled in our survey.

The output is very clear – you need the quest log – very well, you will get it :)

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New Fight Visual Published

I think today I have for you great news.

The new fight visual interface was just published.

What so new?

1) You will see the monsters fighting with you.

2) At the end of the fight you can dismantle the item that was dropped by the monster.

Also we added simple interface for you to send us a feedback and the problem with the Mercenary shop was handled.

I’m looking forward to get feedback from you!




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