Updates on the map

I updated the over all map.

From now all maps areas as Snow Cave #1 – #6 are shown as separated point on the map.

I’ll add soon minimap for each of the area so you can see in more detail how the levels are connected.


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40 comments on “Updates on the map

  1. Dude ur game is great, but it completely unbalanced I am playing for two days already and I still cant kill this Orc and other enemies have even higher level -___-
    I cant even earn more experience =\\\ Coz I cant complete quests as long as i cant kill enemies =\\\ Could u do something with it????

    • What is your character’s name?

      generally it’s easy to kill the monsters at the begging if you understand the basic mechanics of the game.

      The attack, HP and armor is defined by the items and their levels that you are wearing.

      If you are at level 3 and your items are on lower level, you should
      a) upgrade them with the blacksmith
      b) buy new items at shop (they are always at your level)
      c) get better items from monsters

      sometimes you need more money – if you don’t have them now, go back to village at first map and take some job there.

    • also it’s good to buy item’s from one set. It will give you extra bonus.

      In your case I’ll drop all the orc stuff and buy only the items of the Rogue Set .. then you will have no problem with monsters at level 4.

  2. Where can I buy bow lvl 3??
    And here is a problem with this orc i always have a draw with him even though it says that i have 99% chance to win =( Is it some sorta bug??
    here i made i lil video about it


    And thx for gold advice i will keep it in mind !

  3. Alright I found a bow and kill the orc ^___^
    Thx u very much for help…
    It sux that energy restore too slow =(
    but game is great keep it going)
    If i will find some bugs i will certainly write u …thx again!

  4. Thank you! I’m just going to create videos from the game start so I see I’ll need to recheck each of the professions.

    BTW: I pay for every bug 1 Diamond :)

    So again, than you and enjoy the game

  5. Hey its me again, it would be awesome if u could do some resources drop list…
    Like which monster drops what… Coz i need Teak Wood and i have no idea where to get it…I’ve got 3 Teak Wood but for weapon upgrade i need 4 of them ..so it would be great to know what exact monster i should kill to get that kind of resource…

  6. nope :)

    You can dismantle an item and by dismantling it you get the resources from which the item is created – you can see that at the bottom of the hint.

  7. I’ve noticed weird thing …the chance of winning in battle always changes…
    I mean if I decided to battle one orc i click on him and I see a chance for example 20%, but if i push “thumb down” button and then click attack again the chance will change…
    So my point is that by repeating this operation u can rise ur chance to win drastically…
    Is it supposed to b this way?

  8. and btw could u plzzzz speed up an energy recovery a lil bit =\\\
    I am waiting for 10 hours and then blow it all in a few minutes (((
    game is toooo awesome to wait for so long ^^

  9. The chance of the fight is done by running the fight 100x as simulation and the result is returned as %. So it may give you little bit different number, but generally the result is in the sky.

  10. I gave you 8000 Energy, but it’s really exceptional :)

    What you can do is to buy for diamonds the energy gain and then you will get energy restored much quicker!

  11. Omg thx a LOT dude )))
    But yeah i saw this option , but the problem is that limit of regeneration is 150 as far as i understand =(( It’s not really that fast =\\

  12. what’s the monster’s spawn timeout?=)
    I am outta lvl 6 monsters and dont wanna risk to attack lvl 7 monsters coz the chance is kinda low (20%) =((

  13. It’s about 5 monsters per 1 hour.

    But look, the game is built in the way that if you kill all monsters you always level up to level of monsters that you are gone meet.

    And you should have the probability to kill monsters 1 level above you about 70-80%.

    I see your character – you should pick if you want to wear the Jester’s set (suggested) Rogue set.

  14. Yeah, it will give you more hits.

    Also very good trick it to let the items that you wear to be blessed. Each blessing will raise stats by one additional level permanently.

    Check my character Omorote Hideoshi at the Player’s Top XP

  15. yeah but i think its better be done (blessing) on bigger lvls ,on my lvl i guess it would be just wasting of diamonds..
    PS ur character is awesome=)

  16. Not really, you can level the items up to 50th or something like that so it will stay with you for a while. Then you can sell it.

  17. lol yeah i figured ^^ I gotta go sleep anyways ^^
    The game is AwEsOmE, I never was into browser games much, but this one is epic!

  18. wow, thank you!

    And it’s still just 30% of the functionality that I’ll like to have.

    I’m just finishing the Alchemy and it will allow you to create from items you found better items… I guess that will be really something!

  19. That’s awesome thanks)))
    I am sitting and doing some surveys to have some free diamonds ^^ Some of the actually works ) I’ve blessed my bow 5 times ^__^ I cant wait to see it in action)))

  20. Have you considered perhaps opening a forum? The wiki is great but quest-specific questions would probably not fit there, and posting them in the comments may become unmanageable ;)

    But since we are here… :-)
    A while ago Ellena the Nymph Queen gave me two rings to give to the two Dryad brothers. I found one of them (Yang Ting) but can’t seem to find the other. The quest log doesn’t show anything yet, so I’m not sure if that quest is actually over and I’m only supposed to deliver one ring?

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