Upgrade of the LostHero Wiki

The wiki that I has installed yesterday us based on the WikkaWiki.

I liked that it’s really simple. Before I tried for few hours to make working Media Wiki, but it simply doesn’t do what I wanted.

Well today I did a major improvements to the WikkaWiki.

Fist there was no title of the articles .. hm .. I really don’t understand logic of such decision. You are doing the wiki for the users, right? Do you think that your users are all Geeks and Java programers and they will like to read TheTitlesOfTheArticlesWithoutSpaces with WordsSeparatedByUpperCase? Maybe at 20th century it may look cool, but we are already at 21th century and the users are more important that what the computer people consider as sexy, no?

Anyway that was the first change. So now our wiki have standard title over each page and the index looks more human.

Once I was playing with the index I added an additional flag to the system pages to hide them from the index. Again what is the logic to see page named AdminUsers, UsersLogin, etc.. Ugly!

And last thing that I added as a bonus are icon per page. Well we are a game, right? I think the pages simple look more nicer when they have one of the nice icons from Kaminosh.

You can check what I did at wiki.losthero.com.

Positive is that now I know how the wiki is internally build and I need to say, it’s really good work. It will be easy to add the support for multilingual translations, so also the wiki can be in all the languages that we will have at the LostHero.

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